Jenna Lucente is an artist and educator currently living in Delaware and has a studio at the Delaware Contemporary.  
Jenna was born in Brooklyn and raised in Staten Island; New York's best borough.  

An avid interest in art during high school led her to Syracuse University, where she received a BFA, and studied painting with Jerome Witkin and Gary Trento.  Shortly thereafter, Jenna received her MFA from CUNY Queens College, where she studied with Gabriel Laderman and Bob Bermelin.  
After graduate school Jenna worked full time in the publishing industry, while still painting in her spare time.  After ten years in the industry, Jenna left full time design work and started teaching as an adjunct in order to allow for a deeper studio practice.  In 2015 she was appointed Assistant Professor of Art at Salem Community College.  
When not teaching or in the studio, Jenna can be found swimming, walking, talking, breathing, looking at cattails, and searching for egrets along various shorelines.  

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